Mexican-American Girl

What it’s like being a Mexican-American girl living in the south, it’s like being a unicorn fairy. I am a; liberal demarcate, pro-choice, feminist, lover of all human kind, environmentalist, animal lover , book nerd, education advocate and not religious at all Latina girl living in the bible belt of America.  It’s safe to say that I feel pretty lonely , I don’t meet many like-minded people, or people who just want to have a discussion without arguing with me or trying to save me. I can’t seem to find my place in the world, in America, the country I was born in doesn’t fully accept me because I am Mexican ,and in Mexico I am too white. It’s a constant struggle trying to prove yourself that you eventually give up.

I am such a liberal, open-minded person it’s ridiculous. I am all for doing whatever makes you happy as long as you do not harm anyone. I believe that all women have a right to choose, if you don’t like abortion then don’t get one, but what other people do is none of our business. I love all humans, I can’t understand how some people hate an individual based off their skin color, religion or sexual orientation. I just won’t ever understand that, those individuals are just trolls that are not happy with themselves, therefore, they hate. I am such an advocate for higher education, I love learning and discovering new things, as much as I advocate for higher education I also believe that we must go beyond what we learn at an educational institute. Read book, lots of them, question everything, don’t let the media influence you, don’t let other people tell you what to think. Do your own research, feed your mind with knowledge.

I live in the bible belt, and I am not religious at all. I do believe in God or a higher being that is beyond all of us. I just don’t believe in standardize religion, it’s man-made, to convenience the “man”. Most of the religious, super Christian people I have met are the most judgmental, angry, hateful, selfish people I have ever came across. Therefore, I find it hard to support an institute that is so hateful.

I live in Oklahoma, people here aren’t very open-minded in general add to the fact that the majority of the population is very uneducated, it is unacceptable to the majority of the population to have a liberal among them, let alone be a Mexican. I am always identified as the Mexican girl, why can’t I just be a regular girl, or just a human. In no way shape or form am I ashamed or embarrassed of my heritage, but I am more than just a Mexican girl. I don’t like being identified as solely that. When I speak Spanish it’s frowned upon, unless I am translating for their convenience . When I am in Mexico I am “la guerrita”, translation the white girl. People think I am stuck up without even getting to know me just because I wasn’t born in Mexico and I grew up in the United States.  In America I am not American enough and in Mexico I am not Mexican enough. You don’t ever really seem to find your place. The truth is I am a girl who is proud of both of her countries. I will fly both flags with honor and stand for both national anthems.

The United States is my place of birth, I grew up here, I love the melting pot of cultures, the freedom to purse my dreams. Mexico is where my ancestors are, where my roots originated from and I love the feeling I get every time I go visit. It’s very peaceful. I love Dr. Pepper, barbecue, fireworks on the fourth of July, the freedom to be whoever I chose to be. I love mariachi music, carne asadas, and my rich cultural. I am tired of trying to prove how Mexican I am or how American I am to satisfy society. I am Mexican-American and proud!

Find your own place in the world, if you don’t fit in, then you were born to create a new world.

Peace and love,

Joanna H.


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