What minimalism means to me.

When we think about minimalism we instantly think getting rid of everything we own and living in a tiny house and only having three outfits to wear for a year. That is extreme. I believe that each person can define what minimalism means to them, you don’t have to throw away all of your belongings to consider yourself a minimalist.  To me it means simplifying my life, living with fewer distractions and living lightly.  For me the goal through minimalism is not to own less stuff ( although my husband would appropriate this) , the goal is to unburden my live so I can accomplish more. I just want to be free from modern mania and get back to living simply and enjoying the basic things in life.

What I mean by living simply and getting back to the basic things in life. 

  • Less TV more reading
  • Less smart phones more outdoors
  • less clutter more space
  • less rushing, I want to slow down and enjoy the little moments
  • less consuming more creating
  • less junk food  more real foods
  • less busy work more important work
  • Less hate more love

Lets sit still and embrace the moments life gives us instead of always trying to be on the go and be busy. I understand that we all have full time jobs and families to take care of, by no means do I just want to sit at home and be lazy. My intentions are to value experiences and relationships rather than things, to not live for the weekend or holidays but savor everyday even when working full time and taking care of my family.

To be truly happy and content with where you are in life one must stop comparing ourselves to others, life isn’t a competition stop trying to keep up with the Jones.  Take it day by day, if you don’t cross every thing off your to do list ITS OKAY you can do it tomorrow. Surround yourself with positive people, no one likes a Debbie downer so don’t be one and don’t associate with one. The worse thing that we can do for our mental health is be surrounded by nagging people all day long. YOUR SURROUNDINGS ARE IMPORTANT. BE kind to yourself, reward yourself every now and then, however that might be. I like to shut myself off for a few hours and dive into a good book with a bucket of ice cream, preferably sitting outside on my patio. Its so important to have ME TIME. 

I just found my gratitude journal that I started in September of 2017 before my grandpa passed awayI was ready to give up my blog and this weekend I was cleaning out my closet and found it. I needed to read those entry that I made before my grandfather passed away. It’s like he knew I have been having a really hard time these pass couple of weeks and wanted to give me a little push to not give up on all the dreams and hopes I once had. 

Don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others.

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