Hello everyone,

My name is Joanna Hernandez, I’m a lover of all things nerdy, amateur writter, open-minded, free thinker, book lover, nature enthusiast  , sunflower obsessed Oklahoma Girl.

I am so excited to starting this journey with all of you, blogging is something I have always wanted to do but never got around to it for many reasons. One of them being fear of the unknown and fear of putting my feelings and life out for the world to see. I have finally taken the leap of faith and just went for it. This blog is going to be just about my lifestyle and overcoming anxiety. I am just trying to find my place in this crazy world of ours. I have always felt as if I don’t belong, I am nothing like anyone I know. I am an open-minded, free-thinking  lover of all human kind, nonconformist, spiritual  rebel without a cause girl living in Oklahoma. It is hard to find people you can connect with that’s why I have started this blog.

Peace & Love