Let’s talk about ANXIETY 

Hello loves ,

This week has been a rough one. My anxiety has been very overwhelming, anxiety isn’t only mental but also physical. I constantly feel tired, and it’s not just a normal I need more sleep tired. I feel as if a truck as hit me, I’ve been experiencing horrible headaches to the point that my vision is being compromised .  I’ve had terrible shortness of breath and I am always terribly cold while sweating at the same time. It’s exhausting!! This all steams from my anxiety, the thousand thoughts going on in my head won’t stop, I am constantly worrying about things that haven’t even happened and when something doesn’t go as I planned I freak out. I have a plan and a schedule that I follow, I crucially need this, especially at this point in my life when everything is CRAZY. I need that stability and schedule, as much as I hate the idea of having a routine for the time being it’s necessary. I can’t sleep at night I’m always tired , I feel like I have a pound of bricks sitting on my chest, my heart is constantly racing. It’s hard for me to talk I can’t get the words out and my vision gets blurry, I get sweaty and cold at the same time. I feel as if everyone around me is judging me for one reason or another. I instantly think everyone is mad at me for something. Sometimes I just speak without thinking, I have word vomit or I am mute, there is no in between. It’s so hard to explain to people that have never had anxiety or that think I can just turn it off. No, no I can’t just make myself not feel anxious, there is no switch. Think about going for a run then falling down a hill while under water, that’s anxiety. I know it sounds ridiculous, but there isn’t a way to make someone understand. The only thing  that makes people with anxiety feel better is having support. Even when we are acting like it’s the end of the world over something insignificant we still need you to shut up ,listen, and tell us it’s all going to be okay. People misunderstand anxiety with weakness but we are some of the strongest people. We have to dea with all of this and still act “normal”, we are badasses! 

Things that help me when I’m having an anxiety attack. 

  • If I am home I’ll be cuddling with my dog.  He distracts me and is a magical giant that instantly makes me feel better.
  • Reading-I escape from reality when I open a good book, and just shut down for a few moments.
  • Going to my happy place (Target) I am not lying lol. We all have a happy place, find it and escape there. Who doesn’t love target, you get to shop and get coffee at the same time.
  • I’ve recently started yoga and it helps tremendously!! I cannot stress this enough. Yoga is the best, you really connect with yourself and you shut down all the negativity around you. You learn to embrace your body, mind and soul and it’s a great workout too.
  • I love being outside, taking random pictures. I bought myself a nice little camera and just like to go on walks and snap pictures.
  • I love being around my friends. They really just get me and they aren’t negative or judgmental people at all, I can’t be around negative people that are judging me all the time . My mind already thinks of the worse possible things that can happen. My friends are my therapist and the best people I know.
  • Most importantly hugs, hugs from my husband are the best anxiety killers.

I haven’t done yoga in awhile or been outside much to enjoy nature, perphaphs that’s one of the reasons my anxiety is back and in full force. It’s time I make some life changes and stick to them. For my mental and physical health. 

What helps you when you are feeling anxiety? This is a safe place where we can talk openly about anxiety without feeling stigmatized. You can alway direct message me on Instagram if you don’t feel comfortable. I’ll be getting an email set up soon, promise!


Joanna H. 


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  1. Carla says:


    This blog is awesome. Thank you for being someone I know I can always relate to no matter how long it’s been. My anxiety was so out of control recently that I had to see a doctor. I found that what helped me most was sticking to a consistent workout routine (at least three times a week), giving myself time for ME (Netflix, doing one of those adult coloring books, practicing mindfulness, etc), and reaching out to others. Sometimes I wouldn’t want to bother other people with my emotions but it is so important to talk through your pain, irrational thoughts, and worries. Love you and yo liberal self ✌🏽️


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