First blog post-Kind of

Hello everyone,

My name is Joanna,  although this post is titled my first blog post, this really isn’t my first blog post. I actually started a blog about a year ago when I wanted to have a safe place to go to when I was having anxiety or just feeling overwhelmed with life. I didn’t really structure my blog well enough nor take the time to do my research to see which blog site was the best for me. I was just so desperate to write and get my feeling/thoughts out. I just went for it and signed up for the first thing I saw that was free lol. I actually saw how awesome WordPress is when I started to follow my sister in-law’s blog, Yesikas Kitchen check it out for healthy recipes.

Well, as I sit here in my room listening to classical music to calm my anxiety I can’t help but think am I the only one that has this problem, are there other people like me out there? My whole life ever since I can remember I have been a worrier, I worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. It’s constantly having these overwhelming thoughts and scenarios running through your mind, making up hypothetical situations in your mind and preparing for the worse possible outcome.  I feel as if I am always forgetting to do something and feeling lost , always looking over my head because I am afraid something might fall on me ( an x-ray machine fell on my face at the dentist, but that’s another story). Anxiety is also physical, its exhausting! I feel as if I am under water and can’t breath, like I have a load of bricks on my chest that’s preventing me from breathing and moving, my stomach crenches, my palms sweat, I get hot and flustered. I thought to myself one day, you can’t be the only one that feels this way. This is why I wanted to start a blog to create a community where we can help each other. This blog isn’t going be solely dedicated to anxiety, I want to post about my ideas and views on things and just have a positive place to go in a world filled with so much hate.  If you are new to following me welcome, and if you come from my weebly page thank you for keeping up with me and a big welcome to you too!

Peace & love,



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