Stay wild moon child  

Hello friends,

How are all you beautiful souls doing, I hope everyone has had a wonderful beginning of spring. I love this time of year, we get to see the magical blooming of flowers, plants, trees, all things nature. It reminds me that there is always a new adventure/ beginning that we can take on in our own lives. Just like spring we all experience storms in our life time and we can bloom from them and allow those storms to help us grow and blossom into our true potential.

I often over think things or let my failures push me back from wanting to go forward with a dream or goal of mine. I am a big list maker and a planner, if something goes off course I freak out and just think it’s the end of the world. I seriously do, for example I didn’t graduate college until I was 28 years old. I kept dropping out and dropping back in (I know ridiculous). At one point  I decided that I wasn’t going back because I had a plan that by the time I was a certain age I would be done with college, be married and have kids. Well, I have learned that plans don’t always work out as you would like them too, there is this little thing called life that sometimes gets in the way. Part of my fixation with making list and having a plan is my fear of the unknown and my inability to control my future gives me so much anxiety, I rather shut down. Suffering from depression and anxiety is really crippling and you can’t do it alone. You need to have a good support system. Trust me I was hiding it for the longest time, I thought I could manage it and that one day it would just go away (that’s not how it works). I eventually opened up to my close friends and family (now all of you that read my blog) and it helps knowing that I have people around me that are on team Joanna.

I am not done with list making, but I am done with planning for the future. I am just going to live life and do what I have always wanted to do without having a set timeline on when I want things to happen. Life is crazy and the things you least expect to happen to you do. So stop worrying about the what if and what will people think of you, just go for it. See the problem is we think we have all this time, in reality we don’t. Life is going to pass us by and we will be wondering what happened to all the dreams and aspirations we once had. Live your life, take those chances, be crazy, don’t wait because right now is the oldest you will ever be and the youngest you will be again. Just go after what you want, don’t wait, life might just pass you by and you will wonder where it all went.


Joanna H.


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