Amazing things happen when you get honest with yourself and start doing what makes your heart happy not what fills your pockets. Do what you love, stop wishing for the weekend, stop looking forward to special events. Once you begin to live each moment you start feeling like a human being. You start to ride the wave of your soul and climb the mountain that holds your spirit, and a whole new you is born, a new perspective in life is born.

I sit in silence the world is still and I get a moment to be completely present with my thoughts. Life is so chaotic we are always on the go, busy nonstop all day everyday. Is that how we want to live life? I’ve been through some shit in my life and I have tried to cover up the hurt, anger, anxiety whatever I was feeling with material items and with staying busy. I never liked to just stay still and not be busy, if I wasn’t busy then I had time to think about things that only upset me. Then when I would get upset I told myself a trip to the store will cheer me up….WRONG. I just ended up accumulating so much junk, and things I didn’t really need. It’s so funny how our whole perspective on life changes as we really step outside of yourself and really start analyzing and thinking is this how I want to spend the rest of my life. Do I just want to cover up all these feelings or do I want to face them, even though I know it will be painful. It’s not like I woke up one day and had an awaking or something, it’s been years of build up. I have been making small steps to better my life and be a better person.  I am not doing this because it is the trend now days or whatever, I have always cared about the environment, I have always loved to be outdoors and embracing nature, I’ve always been a nerdy, free spirit , independent thinker. People have silenced me throughout my life and I’ve silenced myself. I silenced myself due to fear of not fitting in, of not having any friends or because I just didn’t want to upset anyone. I really don’t give two flying ducks (yes, I meant to put ducks lol) anymore. We cannot live our lives pleasing others. I don’t care if that person is your mom or you significant other, if they don’t accept you for you ,it’s okay they don’t have to .You don’t have to make anyone happy with your choices in life but YOU!



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